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Hello Nano community
I know we are not rich and there are better and more worthy causes out there, but maybe someone still finds it in their heart to make my dream come true. Being 32 years old I just need some financial assistance because I will never make it on my own...
So what is my dream? To be a house owner with a nice little garden....
At the moment I live in a small dark overpriced appartement next to some major train tracks, peace and quiet is not possible. Why not move? Rents are not payable. Why not buy something on credit? I will not be able to borrow enough to buy a house unfortunately. Why not try to buy a small appartement? Because I will be in the same situation as now.
So if you can find it in your heart (and pocket) feel free to donate something, once I have my house all who donated are welcome 🤗
Not putting a goal amount but I need a lot. Happy to make a project out of this with photos, videos, updates and challenges...

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