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Unverified Fundraiser. Created May 9, 2023, 12:58 a.m.

October 4th: After "a few days later", I just dropped another video related to Nano on my TikTok. Go see it and comment at @crypto5tories.

June 13th update: I finally got a computer at home. The time at the internet café will be now just to download resources and upload the videos, so I'm reducing the initial amount from Ӿ35 to Ӿ15.

May 22th update: If you are on TikTok, follow me at @crypto5tories and expect my upcoming crypto videos.

Hello, everyone. My name is Chris but I'm most known as Sir Crypto Stories on Twitter and Discord.

I've been exploring TikTok lately and I want to create three videos to promote Nano on that platform. For this I am requiring some funds as I do not currently have a computer or internet connection at home. The minimum amount I would need for that is, according to my calculations, around $30 (so $10 each). The funds will be used to rent a computer by hours at an internet cafe.

As we reach the goal amount I will be discussing the exact content of the videos with all the community on Twitter, so it would be great if you follow me since now and check my pinned tweet where I invite all of you to leave your questions.

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Ӿ 34.20 raised of Ӿ 15 goal
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