Helping a syrian doctor

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Tdlr; syrian doctor trying to leave the country in a legal way (need to put money in a locked bank account) to work abroad in Germany and support my family.

Hey guys, I've been in the nano community for about a year now, I'm from syria, trying to move to another country because of the war and now the economic situation.. I'm studying German now and I've reached b1 level, but there is an amount of money required to to be put in a bank for the visa, we are trying to borrow from some of our relatives who live abroad (my salary as an ophthalmology intern is 13$ a month) if any of you can help with any amount that doesn't affect your life and you can afford I'd greatly appreciate it, the total amount needed is 12525€.. Alot I know, but it's the only way forward for me to help my family.. Now a small story about my experience with nano, I got some from the og send nano on twitter, and from making memes on the banano subreddit and swapping for nano. Nano is my first real interaction with "online money" because this concept doesn't exist in syria :/ I even used some nano to buy a 10$ google play gift card to my friend who lives in Germany ❤️

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Good luck


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Best of Luck Samer!

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