Join Me in Making A Difference At The Africa Blockchain Summit

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My name is Olapade Samuel, I am an Ambassador representing Nigeria. In my past engagement, I and the Nano Nigeria team succeeded in reaching out to some orphanage homes donated gift, foods and have fun with them. I have also organized a seminar with total number of participants over 600. The attached link revealed some of activities carried out.

Now, I am excited to share an incredible opportunity with you. I have been invited to speak at the Africa Blockchain Summit on October 28th and 29th, 2023, hosted by the Blockchain Foundation Africa, a non-profit organization based in Ghana.-and the last sentences to " The summit is just around the corner, less than 10 days away, and your support would make a significant difference. Your contribution will not only enable my participation but also help spread the mission and potential of nano within the African blockchain community. If you are willing and able to support this endeavor, your generosity will be greatly appreciated. Any contribution, no matter the size, will bring us one step closer to making a positive impact at the Africa Blockchain Summit"

What I Planned
1. I will be using this opportunity to spread Nano and learn more about the mission and goal of Nano.
2. I will be connecting, networking, and sharing ideas on how blockchain technology through Nano can address some of Africa's challenges.

I will be needing support in this category
1. Transportation Lagos to and fro Ghana.
2. Transportation within the Ghana Metropol during the submit for 2 days
3. Hotel bill for two days
4. Food for two days
5. Other Expenses Like the Creation of the Wenano spot and funding it or the creation of Merch as a gift for some individuals at the summit.

The official website of this association is, you can check the list of speakers for the event, to see how huge the event could be.

If XNO current price is $0.623, I will need up to 642.05 XNO which is equivalent to $400

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