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It's with sincere excitement to know that after our # Free money day celebration, More people came on wenano and more people from around the globe had a personal encounter or expirence with wenano. This celebration brought in people of all kinds and all works of life to know and expirence nano. With all the being said I will get straight to the fundraiser. I Forest horseman ambassador of nano to the Netherlands have brought together a team of individuals from across the globe from different backgrounds, cultures, languages and societies... to come up and run campaigns in different locations and boost the influence of nano.. as I have witnessed personally nano has become a universal language that we all can understand and share in this cooperative and conducive nano community.
Here are some goals that this mission is set to achieve.
* we will be getting people to talk about nano on video and posting on various internet spaces
* running campaigns deep into areas that have no knowledge about nano.
* creating flyers in different languages and distributing amongst individuals.
* creating of wenano spots to back up the previously created awareness in those areas.

And a few other goals.
We trust and have faith in the nano community to be with us on this coming journey to greatness.
Help me and my team and together we can show nano to the world 🌎.

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