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Created April 26, 2023, 1:04 p.m.

Hello Nano community,

I am Niwamanya Martin, the ambassador for Uganda, and I have successfully organized several awareness events in the past, including events for SafeBoda ( Our goal is to increase awareness and adoption of nano in Uganda, and to achieve this, Shidi (AmbassadorUganda) and I are excited to announce our plan to organize academic outreach events in various communities, such as universities and the National Information and Technology Authority (NITA). These events will educate and raise awareness about blockchain technology, with a special focus on Nano, among university students, developers, and researchers. Here's a quick rundown of our campaign timeline starting in May:

May 15: Gulu University
June 5: Muni University
June 26: Lira University
July 10: All Saints University Lango
July 24: University of the Sacred Heart Gulu

We understand that hosting events comes with costs, but we are committed to achieving our goals and milestones. To give you an idea, the cost per recurring event would be $160, and we aim to host five events per quarter, bringing the total to $800 per quarter. Additionally, one-time expenses such as pull-up banners and flyers would be around $150 and $170 for a projector.

We realize that this is a significant amount, and the number of events we can organize will depend on the amount of funds raised. Any support is highly appreciated, and even if we cannot reach our full goal, we hope to run multiple events to promote nano adoption in Africa. Let's work together to spread the word about nano.

We kindly ask for your support in spreading the word about our campaign to mainstream media. Your feedback is highly valued, and I'll make sure to update you on our progress in a follow-up post. If you would like to donate and support our awareness campaign, you can send Nano to the address provided below. Any amount is appreciated!

Nano Address:nano_1mjj13mp7tmrx6dj11ik15okdbbpbqwz137c9j7oy3yuj3tc1n1txj6d6ug8

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Keep up the great work!


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Uganda powered by Nano!


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Keep it up!


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