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Hey there!
My name is Carlos Murgas, Nano community ambassador living at Colombia🇨🇴 'El País de la Belleza'.
If you got to read this I ask you to **join** the cause.

The Nano Community Initiatives: 3 Stories (thereafter NCI3S) is a monthly series of online audio conversations we have been bringing along at X Spaces.
It aims to be a space for Creators, Companies and the Community to network, raise awareness and adopt nano-related solutions around the world.
To date, we have hosted 11 episodes, each featuring 3 initiatives (Stories) from different industries (e-commerce, software development, food, miscellaneous and more).

As a way to motivate and reward the people who have the courage to speak in public, share their story and spend their time at the episode, 1Ӿ is given to every initiative as a token of gratitude AFTER the episode is finished.

The NCI3S episodes have been uploaded to Nano's official Youtube channel.
Worldwide viewers(listeners) can watch and share episodes at any time. To date, the series has accumulated over 1800 visualizations (August, 2023).
Here are some metrics about the conversations going on:
- Stories told: 33
- Youtube views: +1900
- X (former Twitter) views: +1600
- X (former Twitter) impressions: +5000

We have this Action Plan:
Host 10 more episodes of NCI3S during the rest of 2023 and 2024.
Insider's insight: The frequency of the episodes depends on the confirmation of the 3 stories to be guests.
On average, it takes 3-4 weeks to prepare a new episode.
Ideally, each episode will be co-hosted by two ambassadors. We rotate the co-hosting in order to provide a closer cultural match depending on the stories featured, and to improve our ambassadors public speaking and online event logistics skills.

Funding benefits:
By funding this community initiative, you would generate for the nano ecosystem:
- Adoption: As more people learn about the stories, the use of the solutions can increase, resulting in more nano users on the network.
- Niche reach: Each guest initiative operates in its own niche. Having them talk about their solutions motivates their supporters to attend and learn about the other stories and nano.
- Marketing: Improving the image of our digital currency and organization among users as a way to get more people to learn and use nano.
- Entropy: The next big XNO core dev could appear as an anon user who likes to attend theNCI3S episodes.

Funding budget:
This NCI3S initiative operator propose the following budget to be funded:
- XNO to give to each guest initiative after the episode (Ӿ1 each) = Ӿ3*10 = Ӿ30.
- XNO to be used for the host’s internet airtime during the episode datetime (Ӿ3 each) = Ӿ6*10 = Ӿ60.
- XNO to be used for the host's hydration and food after the episode (Ӿ2 each) = Ӿ4*10 = Ӿ40.

Total: Ӿ130.

So this is the basic budget proposed to you.
As a Fundraiser Supporter you get to role to decide where should the NCI3S go next after the goals are accomplished.
You can reach out to me (@murgascarrillo) if you want to add your energy to this initiative, to share you story ,and literally: to build our digital money ecosystem.

Join us!📢

You can track the updates here below and directly into the blockchain:
NCI3S nano Address: nano_19b98y38qa3ydcrrukphr6xhjbksebt6i6d5jebp6f3i6hzssbxei17wd56c

[UPDATE: 21/10/2023]: Tokens of Gratitude (Ӿ1) sent to i) Diva's Kitchen, ii) RsNano, iii) Ririro indicated addresses. Total spent: Ӿ3.

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