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Help Make Indonesia Green by Planting Trees

“When I was little, every Sunday I often accompanied my father to go into the forest to cut down trees. Eh, I didn't expect that now my father and I often go into the forest again, but the difference is that now we are guarding it,” said Achmad Alamsyah or who is usually called Alam, a man born in 2001 who was born and raised in Laman Satong Village.

Initially, Alam worked as a staff member in the Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI) reforestation program because he had not found a job after graduating from Vocational High School. However, after working for ASRI for two years, Alam is very happy with what he is doing, such as identifying trees, finding lots of animals and birds in the forest, feeling the fresh air, and of course watching the development of the trees he planted from small to large.

Together with his father and other reforestation staff, Alam takes care of the tree seedlings in the nursery, monitors the reforestation area, helps install camera traps, and carries out tree planting.
Juliansyah or Pak Jul, Alam's father, tells about his past when he became an illegal logger. He is very sorry for his actions that previously destroyed the forest. “I want to repair the forest that I damaged before. I want to devote myself to guarding the forest. Now I realize, by protecting the forest, the benefits are not only for myself, but for my future generations and for the world.”

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