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I am a new mother to a 6 month old and suffering from PPD, my therapist said to do more things that bring me joy but everything just feels numb. Everything that once brought me joy just makes me sad... Except for cooking. I started cooking from the age of 7 and have only kept self learning and experimenting since then. I want to start a youtube channel making cooking videos but can't afford the tripod, secondhand camera. All the food will be donated afterwards. I just want to be able to feel like im accomplishing something and I really think being able to make small cooking videos, even simple ones could really help me have something forward to look to besides taking care of the house and baby. We really can't afford to invest in my new "interest" because we are barely scraping by each month due to our current situation. Please if anyone would like to donate a little nano so I can buy the tripod and camera I would be so so thankful and will make really good use out of it and feed the needy too. A tripod costs around $15,and a secondhand camera costs about $60 for a secondhand canon sx210 here (Cambodia). Secondhand nice plates and a new pan will be around $15 total for a few. Thank you so so so much in advance to any kind stranger for helping me find my passion again and helping me get better (hopefully)

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