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Since the outbreak of Corona Virus, (covid-19) in Sierra Leone and the world at large, most homes with in Goderich Community are currently facing hardship in finding their daily bread. A recent survey carried out by our volunteers in government primary schools in Goderich vicinity revealed that out of an average population of one thousand five hundred Kids (1,500), one thousand could not balance their daily diet. In addition, Kids Compassion Charity as an organization noticed that Nebatt-13 Primary School Goderich has one of the less privileged children attending in their school.
Among these kids, 60% are girls while 40% are boys. The major sources of money to financing these homes have been petty trading, Fishing, stone and Sand mining, but the advent of Corona virus (Covid-19) in the community has collapsed their businesses and activities which has posed a serious Socio- economic challenge especially in the homes of this needy children.
As a result of this poorly economy crisis, Kids Compassion Charity held a meeting at its office in which religious leaders, Chiefs and Youths unanimously part took. The aim of the meeting was to focus on ways to establish our fifth school feed facility for the school that has the fifth less privileged children in Goderich Community. However, the beneficiaries of this feeding project will be the most vulnerable children at school. In the meeting, Kids Compassion in collaboration with religious leaders, parents and chives in the community agreed to continue the school feeding program to Nebatt-13 after closely looking at the filled questionnaires. In conclusion, we also agreed on looking out for any reputable Organization, government or Individuals to help financing the project.
The Objectives of the feeding program is to ensure sustainable school feeding facility in 2023-2024 Academic year in the school.
Kids compassion charity is going to feed a total of 450 pupils for five days starting from Monday to Friday.
This project, will minimize hunger and ensure better concentration of school going children.
Working with partners:The kids compassion charity want to help feed 450 primary school going children in Sierra Leone west africa first in history we are going to used nano to feed this numbers of children.
Our first term budget is $9,482 which is 15,111.74 Nano this is the amount required for the first term school from September 11st to December 15th.
Please help donate via our nano address.

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