Uniting for Amazon Conservation: A Nano Community Initiative

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My name is Sergio Tolentino. I'm a volunteer Community Manager of the Nano Community Programme from Peru. Recently, I've been reconnecting with people within the sustainable development sector working on the Peruvian Amazon. During some conversations a vague idea came to my mind: What if distributed ledger technologies are brought closer to climate action? Because of that vague idea, which is more a question than an idea, I embarked myself on small research around many topics that are commonly discussed in the sector to try to find intersections.

In general terms, my initial findings are that there are still a lot of methodological challenges in accounting for ecosystemic services, and distributed ledger technologies seems not to be clear solutions for current problems in the sector... But I wasn’t seeing the obvious…

In the middle of my search, I found an organization in Peru doing what some former colleagues at the conservancy field described as a great work protecting part of the Amazon rainforest. This organization I found is Arbio, a women-led non-profit organization that currently manage a 916 ha conservation area in Madre de Dios, Peru.

They don't sell carbon credits for offsetting; they protect and study forest using different financing means for their activities. One of them is donations. As part of the Nano Community, I’m pretty sure this last word resounds like the ringing of a bell to you… Am I right? Well, let’s go straight to the point.

Arbio has currently different donation options. They have innovated in the sector with options for individuals —you can adopt an ancient tree, adopt a tree for gift or adopt a tree in memoriam of someone— and organizations. I’m aiming to donate as a community through one of the options for organizations.

Our Modest but Powerful Goal

Our mission is simple, yet profound: crowdfund before November ends at least 480 dollars to assist in the protection of 4 hectares of the Amazon rainforest, a precious ecosystem under constant threat due to deforestation and human activities.

But... is that a powerful goal? Yes, funding the conservation of 4 ha (40,000 m2) by raising 480 dollars doesn’t seem enough to significantly help to solve a huge problem like deforestation in the Amazon but it is an achievable goal for our community before (Na)november ends. In fact, it is a goal that could be increased. I mean, we could help Arbio to protect greater areas as it follows:

- 16 ha for $1920 (I'm hoping to reach this goal in order to donate the same Audi did)
- 30 ha for $3600
- 32 ha for $3840
- 64 ha for $7680

Whatever the amount we reach, the nearer donation option will be chosen and any reamining funds will be used to complement our community innitiative by reaching out media to amplify any possible communicational effect.

Let’s Make a Difference

I say let’s come together for this meaningful cause. Your support, regardless of its size, is instrumental in reaching our goal of contributing to a brighter future for rainforest and the communities that depend on it.

Our common action will help to raise awareness about Nano to Arbio and maybe to the world. For this I will seek for a meeting with Arbio leaders to show them why it would be convenient for their activities to accept nano for the different donation options. I also will get in touch with journalists from media in Peru to bounce the news of our goal achieved. (Think about this: Individuals from around the world come together to finance the conservation of the Amazon using Nano). This last action will of course be greater if you can help mapping different actors from the local media of your town and countries that could be reached.

By uniting as a community, I believe we can create a ripple effect for positive change with the possibilities Nano offers and showcase the power of the best digital peer-to-peer money.

For inquiries of any kind and ideas you can contact me on any of my social networks, which you will find in https://bio.link/sertoghimself .

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