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Hi, I need to raise funds for my University fees. I need atleast 10,000 dollars ( have managed to raise the majority on my own but still falling short ). Admission letter, student id and email of dean is available on request. Anyone is welcome to call the university admission office directly with the student id no. as well. I am not sure if this is really going to work, but am trying out all options that seem to be appearing in front of me. Of course, its very difficult to believe someone who claims that they want such a huge amount, and that's ok too. I would be sceptical as well. But like I said, "here goes nothing". Also, a big thanks if you read this all.

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Help spread the blog because nano can be much more valuable than bitcoin, and on this day that can be some money.


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Lol.. Good luck Zack. Crippling debt is in your future.

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Ӿ 1.01 raised of Ӿ 10,000 goal
2 donations